23rd China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Equipment Exhibition

23-25 May.,2023National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)

Experiencing over 13 years of rapid development, China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Equipment Exhibition (CACE) has become the world premier event. CACE boasts industry leading companies, high-level professional visitors from home and abroad, as well as authoritative forum.  


Over 200 exhibitors including domestic leading companies will showcase their cutting-edge technologies, equipments, and integrated solutions, and network face to face with 33,000 industry professionals from over 120 countries and regions.  


With the advancement of technology innovation and transformation of China agrochemical industry, CACE will become the incubators for technology transfer and promotion, and the vane for industry development in China and even Asia! 


Production Equipment: Reactive Still, Separator And Mixing Equipment, Crystallizing And Heat. Transfer Equipment, Filtering Equipment, Drying Equipment, Machine Mill, Granulation Equipment,Three Wastes Dealing Equipment, Transmission & Transport Equipment, Intelligent Production System, Production Pipeline, Instruments etc.Formulations Processing Equipment: Processing, Storage, Packaging, Transportation equipment,Packaging materials, Packaging bottles etc.Crop protection facility: Aerial pesticides applicator, Agricultural robot, Pesticide sprayer, Pest forecasting facility, Measuring Instrument etc. 

Major Exhibitors of CACE 2023